XBOX One – Frequently Asked Questions

XBOX One, the latest console from Microsoft aimed at the global market. A complete set of new impressive features such as 4k Ultra HD output with supporting connectivity such as Bluetooth, HDMI output with Digital optical output and 4k multi-channel output capable of connection up to 7 controllers at the same time. Let’s take a close look at all the new features.

XBOX One Hardware

The brand new design has plenty of impressive hardware specifications with 8 CPU cores and Hyper-threading enabled CPU. It has 4 memory slots with a max of 32 GB and a 256 GB GPU with additional GPU clamps keeping it cool. It has three USB 3.0 ports and a bespoke integrated web/Blu-Ray drive with Toshiba HDrones.

The display has been improved from previous consoles keeping the screen at WVGA ( Window and Gate Access ) to 720p with anti-liasing and aspect ratio of 16:9. This new console also has an improved graphics bench showing a 1 billion shader operations with 3.2 billion individually processed instructions per second.

The memory is built-in with a 64 MB EDRAM and 32 MB of High Definition Multimedia Interface RAM. The unit has Bluetooth 2.0, Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi networking and HDMI 1.3a.

XBOX One Release date

The will be released on November 16th 2014 and will be sold in the three custom fine gaming consoles which include XBOX 360 Arcade, Premium and Elite.

Key Features

The new shows off is a a total new system for playing your favourite console games and it has added multi-channel surround sound output plus improvements to its cooling capabilities.

1. Basic specifications

2. Other specifications and features

The XBOX One will support up to 4 controllers on either the Kinect or the controller remotes whilst also using the unit as a Blu-ray DVD player. You may also connect an external hard drive with up to 4 GB of storage for your favourite films, music videos etc. It is also wireless, has a 4 USB 3.0 ports, Wi-Fi, HDMI output with 1080p support and 4k resolutions 10xappers.

The has a face plate using the X-shaped front console like a mini DJ, and a front vents for additional heat dissipation. It has additional connectivity port for connection to other peripherals.

Using, you may wirelessly sync your controller remotes, play against friends via Xbox LIVE, watch your favourite movies or listen to your best tunes on it. The console has a 250 GB hard drive with user data, video and music storage space. mash the hard drive into an external USB 3.0 hard drive for external storage.

The is available in 3 versions:

The new console is most affordable at just £llers £99.99. This is the entry level gaming console that has a HDMI 1.4a output, but no HDMI output at all. This is really a basic unit built of a few added bits and that is all it really is.The is the best UK and Ireland selling Xbox 360 and สล็อตเว็บตรง is available in stores in UK and Ireland at the moment.

PlayStation 4: PlayStation 4 has updated itself from the last 3 to now include Wi-Fi, giving you the choice to connect to the internet for accessing the games and for downloading cuts of games. This is also one of the cheapest units at £ relaxing £/.99 rather than the which is around £ Arabia. The PlayStation 4 is without doubt the most powerful console on the high street.

Other features

A pointless feature of the is that it doesn’t have a hard drive. As such you will save your games to the internal hard drive unless you choose to swap it for a bigger size, which is easy to do as a basic task.

The biggest problem with the Xbox One is its reliability and there again the E74 error comes up as gamers try and play on their consoles and see the dreaded ‘red ring of death’. It has a HDMI output but its not an Optical so you can’t play on your TV with a DKP(Did not play)…..

The PlayStation 4, at the moment is the cheapest gaming console around with the cheapest price being £299.99. The PlayStation 4 isn’t in the best position at the moment with the PS4 lacking killer features the Xbox One has but I feel the PS4 will be the best console in Christmas 2010. The big thing that puts it above the Xbox is the price and in due course the PS4 will be the best Blu-ray player on the web and probably have cheaper prices than the Xbox One when it launches