Advantages of Desktops Over Laptops

Advantages of Desktops Over Laptops

Desktops Over Laptops

Computers are one of the best inventions of our time.Their capability is amazing! The performance of a desktop can be graded very high, as there are many features that are present and available for use. It is only later that these features were introduced into the laptop.

The computer is a much better option, as it has a huge memory which is not present on the laptop. The user has to pay an extra amount of money to get more memory on their laptop. This enables the user to upgrade his desktop without any trouble. With the laptop, the user has to get the memory extended and only then can he upgrade his system.

Durability is another reason which has kept the popularity of laptops on a sustained level among all the users. This is because of the sturdiness of the laptop and the parts which are present on the laptop are not in their ideal shapes.

But one of the most important reasons why the laptop gained such a dominant position in the market, was because of the adoption of the Windows operating system by the companies. The users were adviced to use the windows for their benefit and for the assurance of getting optimal services from the companies. After the release of the Windows 98, the description of the laptops have improved and so did the features of the laptops. They started offering the best of the services and that too, even the trial version of the Windows were available for the users. The net book has become a type of mini laptop and that is why the name of net book has gone down and the price is now almost the Desktops Over Laptops same as the laptop.สล็อตเว็บตรงแตกง่าย

The quality of the components of a laptop and a desktop is so different that it needs to be known to have a motherboard and a CPU before one can consider buying a laptop. The price of the laptop is also not very similar to the computer parts of a laptop. Laptops are available in the sizes of 10.4 inches and 12 inches. However, due to the slight difference in size it is not possible to get the same components in the laptops and in the desktops. The laptop manufacturers use the display screen as the largest Desktops Over Laptops part in the laptop. The screen size of the laptop determines the price of the laptop. Another feature which makes the laptop more expensive is the brand of the manufacturer. The brand of the manufacturer is very important because it has to do with the insurance coverage, warranty as well as the even reliability of the laptop.

The present day cheap laptops which are very cheap and inadequate are ready to deliver all the desired features of the desktop computers and laptops at the same price. The desktop computers are chosen because they are bigger and cheaper and the laptop is chosen Desktops Over Laptops for its portability and quality of performance. Today the brands of the cheap laptops are such as Dell, Hp, Canon, Fujitsu, Compaq, Dell, etc. But, it is recommended to check the background of the company to see whether the company has given its guarantee for the replacement of defective parts of the laptop. Many times one can buy a cheap laptop and end up being satisfied with it. Such a situation makes the company expanding and giving its guarantee for the replacement of a faulty laptop.

The companies are also using the technology of the Internet to their advantage. Manufacturers are now using their online stores for showing the images of the products and for placing the orders of the customers. This method has been a benefit of the Desktops Over Laptops company and the customers have been very satisfied by this. This has also resulted in reducing the cost of transporting the computers to the customers.

Before the invention of the Internet connection the price of a computer Desktops Over Laptops was more expensive than what people today suspect. The Internet has thus contributed to saving the price of a computer. People can buy the basic components of a computer and such components need not to be very expensive. One can buy a laptop even on a very tight budget. Today the prices of the basic components of the laptops have already fell and with the coming of the next generation of this equipment; the prices Desktops Over Laptops are going to fall further. The wireless capabilities of the laptops are also very good and if one needs to use his laptop for browsing, sending mails, watching movies etc. then he needs to ensure that the wireless capability of the laptop is also good enough.

The major disadvantage of buying a second hand laptop is that its warranty will not Desktops Over Laptops.

However, this disadvantage may be a benefit of the fact that buying a second hand laptop is a good Desktops Over Laptops way to use the expensive machine before making it obsolete.

Brands such as Dell, Hp and Sony are producing some good processors and other necessary components of the computers. One can get anything from their brand. But sometimes what is required is to buy a branded machine with the latest components and then save some money.